Walla Walla Washington brings backpacks to Iquitos Students

Several years ago friend and volunteer of People of Peru Project, Kimberly Cole,

a physcial therapist in Milton Freewater Oregon, asked what she and her children

could do for the impoverished kids of Iquitos. A great need at that moment was

a good supply of backpacks for school as well as the school supplies to put in them.

Here in Peru, the public school is "free" but if you can't afford the uniforms, shoes and

books, you are not allowed to attend. Word got out and before long an energetic young

women, Dorothy Daley, (pictured above in red) picked up the mantle of this project and

backpacks became an obsession for Kimberly, her daughters, Karina and Liesle and of

course, Dorothy.

As the word spread, children's groups from churches and schools began searching the

stores for good deals on good quality "machilas" and when it was all said and done

over 200 backpacks were sent to Peru and about 100 of them completely filled with

neccessary school supplies for children who would otherwise not attend.

Below are some pictures of the backpacks after they arrived and some of the girls who have

revieved them over the last two and half years.






 I have some more pictures and as soon as

find them will post them below!