After 30 hours of travel this is the first thing on the agenda. After a shower and a little hammock time, we will make the 20 minute drive to POPPYS house (People of Peru Project Youth Services House) THEN the work of learning the names of all the girls, identifying crawly things that are friend or foe and just settling into life in general, will begin. We all know that these first website posts are simply to let mom and dad know that their daughter has arrived. Thank you Cheley for coming. We look forward to the next three months with you here.

Cheley is a pshycology major at Walla Walla University in Washington State, She served as a student missionary in Argentina previously and has a love for children. She will be assisting Jessica and Breana along with our Peruvian staff, with the day to day activites of our girls and babies, during this school vacation time. Keep an eye on this page as we capture Chelsey and our other volunteers blessing our kids.