A Child’s Prayer


Dad and Mom..Casey and Lisa at the office on the way
to take the twins home


            We had six little kids here at POPPY’S House. The two new additions were twin girls of the age of 4, Valesca and Zuleica. Since the twins do not have their mother here, and the other kids’ mothers have school at night twice a week, it was our responsibility to put them down to sleep. Their sleep time was usually no later than 7:30 and when I put the twins to sleep I tried to make a little speech of how sleep is very important to their health, because they usually do not want to sleep so early. I had the routine of making sure they brushed their teeth and used the restroom before going to their bed that way there were no surprises in the morning.


They asked for a story and gave me names to use in the story or pick out one of their Bible story books. After story time, it was prayer time. As I announced prayer time, they immediately get off their beds and come to the side and kneel down. They usually volunteered me to pray first and then I asked each of them to pray after I’ve finished. As they pray, they name all of their family and friends, then thank God for the food He provides, and also thank Him for their “practica”(practice).


After prayer, I sang to them until they were sound asleep. After three months with Zuleica and Valesca, I saw how much they’ve learned. They always reminded us to pray before each meal and even volunteered to pray. In church they know they have to be extra reverent during prayer. It is awesome hearing the kids pray. Their prayers are so genuine and honest.


Now that when Valesca and Zuleica are no longer here at POPPY’S House, we will pray that they will remember how important prayer is in their lives.


The tears were finished and Casey and Lisa were saying goodbye as they dropped
the twins off at the house of their family.....




-Bianca Zambrano