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Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season from our Family to Yours.

My  simple words will never fully express the love and support our family has received from you. The project that started 10 years ago with a simple desire to help those in need has grown into an organization that has been a blessing to thousands. If it sounds to you like I am bragging, you are completely correct. I am, however, bragging about the accomplishments of friends and supporters and hundreds of volunteers of People of Peru Project. Friends like you.

Our family is spread out a bit. We inhabit two continents in two different hemispheres. Sandi and my parents are in Southern Idaho. Risha is in Walla Walla and Kristen in Tri-Cities Washington while Martha, Candy and I live in Iquitos, Peru. Many people over the years have asked why we do what we do and the answer is not complicated. We answered a calling and the joy and satisfaction that comes from the rescue of girls and their babies who were abandoned and abused far outweighs the sacrifice we make in order to do it. How is it possible? Through the love, prayers and support of those who believe that it needs to be done.

The Christmas time of year causes many to pause and reflect. In this moment, thousands of miles away from the rest of my family, I remember one who left His home on a rescue mission for all mankind. The reception He received was not worthy of who He was but His sacrifice brought hope to a world that had lost it's way. Why did He do it? The joy of seeking and saving the lost far outweighed the ultimate sacrifice that He gladly made.

Have any of us given so much? I dare not make the comparison but there is a motivation that comes when we realize that the hope we have been given is something we can freely share with those around us.

Mine is simply a heart filled with gratitude expressing a huge "thanks" to you, for helping our family do a work that is such a blessing to us and the impoverished people in the Amazon Jungles of Peru.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 


Live to serve...serve to live