This was Edith the day we told her we would sponsor her in school.
          Edith gets her surgery!

This is one special girl. You can read about her in the story section of the web site under the title of "Fathers Day" I also introduced her to you on the news page under "This little girl needs our help".

Edith was born with an abdominal hernia that has been getting progressively worse over her short 14 year life span. The doctors had been pressing to get this done as the pain, at times, leaves Edith unable to maintain her normal daily routine. Like so many others, lack of money kept her mother from providing this neccesity.

We would like to thank Dr. Barrigon and the Ana Stahl Hospital for partnering with us on this operation. It was a pleasure to watch the finest medical team in this city focus their efforts on this precious girl. The generous discount given by the Ana Stahl hospital has left our emergency medical fund still active.
We would also like to thank those of you who established and contributed to this life changing account. We will meet more needs as they come to our attention and as the funds are available.

Edith is doing well. Here is a short "photo essay" of her procedure.