Remember this foot?

NOW LOOK AT IT                                                           

After a long and drawn out process, two trips to Lima, a surgery and then skin 
grafts, Elias is on his road to recovery.
Check out this little photo essay and story, to appreciate better the plight of those 
who depend on the generosity of people like you.                              


Our nurse, Camila, visiting the Elias and his mother 
Read this story and see how God "Works things out"
The discomfort started slowly. Some days he noticed some swelling in his foot and other 
days it didn’t seem to bother him but as the weeks passed, 14-year-old Elias realized that
something was dreadfully wrong. 
The swelling under the skin was irregular and the bulges that began growing were grey and 

blue in color. Elias’s mother could no longer pass off his concern with a glib statement about 
how it will be better soon, but, in the mean time, don’t run around unnecessarily.

Isabelle would dismiss the topic of the painful foot whenever the subject came up. After all, what
would she do about it? With a three year old specials needs baby, living alone, and being raised
in abject poverty, each day was a challenge. Having something for the children to eat at the end
of the day was the entire burden she could bear. The foot would get better. Things like this always
ended up, “Taking care of themselves.”

Within a few months it was evident that this problem would not go away so, Isabelle saved a portion
of the food money for several days and walked the 30 minutes with her limping son and totally
dependent daughter. In her heart she knew the news would not be good. The reality is, that all the
money she had, would cover only the cost of the exam and no matter what the doctor told her to
do, she wouldn’t be able to afford it.

It seemed odd….to pray to a God that you have never seen and ask for help about a foot problem
that the doctors themselves didn’t understand. “Perhaps this is an infection,” they said. So, Esabella
left the exam room with a prescription for antibiotics that she couldn’t afford to fill. “Pray Elias, pray,
this is all we can do.”

And so, the praying began. “What is it I am praying for?” asked Elias, one day, “Is God going to send
money for medicine or fix my foot?”

“Good question”, said Isabella, “ I have never asked him for anything before, so we will just ask for help.”
By now the foot was misshapen and horrible to look at, some of the bumps had shed their skin and
portions were noticeably infected. It had been impossible to wear shoes for many weeks and Elias didn’t
want to go outside anyway. “All the kids just look at my foot and ask questions that I can’t answer.
Besides, it hurts too much to walk. I would rather stay in the house.” he said.

“What was this? “Shhhh, let me listen. Yes, yes, the loud speaker said that the gringos were bringing
doctors for surgeries…..we need to go and sign up to be seen. Maybe this is God’s answer. “

said Isabella excitedly. And so, the miracle began…..or was that really the beginning?

Did this miracle start when the doctors in the US decided to come to Peru or when they called to see
if People of Peru Project could host them for their medical work. Maybe this miracle started when the
medical director chose Elias’s community out of thousands, to make an announcement for free medical
care and then ultimately, petitioned the government for some special help in this special situation. The
Minister of Health said that they would pay for the flights to Lima and the surgery IF People of Peru Project
could cover the cost of food, housing and transportation for Elias and a representative from our organization.

Maybe that was the miracle, or, maybe the miracle is starting now that in the USA, people know that one
fearful little boy and hundreds more just like him are getting ready to fight for their lives and the means to do
so, will come directly from the hearts of those that God inspires.

If you want to be a part of this miracle and many more, let me know…..we are far from finished.