We are So Proud!
People of Peru Project, all our staff and volunteers want to congratulate Elvira on her first year of Medical school.

Here in Peru, after completing an entrance examination, a student goes directly from secondary school to the courses of their particular discipline.

We just wanted to brag about one of our girls! Elvira is finishing her second year of school in the local university. She is studying obstetrics and loving her classes. It was a huge step and a major adjustment. Two years ago she decided that she could indeed live her life's dream.

Elvira is our first girl from POPPYS house to finish high school and enroll in a University program. She joins several other sponsored University students but they are all living independent of POPPYS house. We are in the process of raising money for our transitional house for the advanced/older students, including Elvira and her little boy Angel. Your support is needed and will be much appreciated. (See the story titled "Elvira" in the story section of the web site.)

We send out a great big "Thank You" to Papa Sam, who helped motivate and support Elvira when she had more self doubt than courage. Thank you Clay Breakie for the financial support for her second year in the university. You gentlemen will not be disappointed. I, for one, believe she could very well change the world.

Papa Paul