This picture was drawn this week by the youngest of three little sisters, who came to our
crisis center. Their mother died of liver cancer a few weeks ago, and the trauma of this
loss is evident.Thank God that you have supported us as we care for these children.
Our girl's facility is near capacity, with children, who now have an opportunity for recovery,
growth and development.
This home is safe and saturated with love and affection.

What an amazing time of year, when our hearts turn toward our own blessings and
we are prompted to share them with people who simply survive.

Our food distribution and water filtration programs are growing
and the relationships we are building in the struggling communities
are giving us access to families in crisis, who simply need our help.

Our Dental Program and Oral Health Campaigns are going Gangbusters.
 One of our sponsored university students is now, a real, live dentist ;-)
Benji has been working in poor communities, to provide free dental services in schools,
community centers, churches and homes, wherever he can find a space. We have even
taken on the responsibility of the dental work in the women's prison. The need is great!

We desperately need to purchase the new building and get the equipment
set up again, for the more complicated cases.

What a blessing, and a huge opportunity, to come back to the
community where you grew up, and impact the lives of your
neighbors in a positive way.

The building right beside our headquarter facility is for sale
and perfect for our medical complex. Please help us make this
a reality for thousands who are desperate.


Families come to hear the stories of hope from the scriptures.
You have blessed thousands with your support and changed
lives for eternity.

Click this link right now. You are a life changer!
The needs of these children and the thousands of people
who suffer with unmet medical conditions, are on-going.
Challenge some friends and co-workers to join you, or
match your donation.


Thank you for your support today

Live to serve...serve to live,  
Paul Opp