Haiti Land of Suffering

I am in Haiti Now. It is a long story as to how I got here or why but in short my friend and supporter of the POPP project invited me.......so I came along with these other people from Bermuda and Trinidad

What follows is a photo essay. I am still looking for the words to describe what I am seeing. I am told that the worst is yet to come....Children shouldn't suffer, old people should die with dignity and those in their youth should live up to their potential and not watch the rest of the world go by.

Words will come.....they always do but for right now the pictures are worth a thousand.

The first thing we did when we got here was to go in to the port, buy rice and beans and distribute some much needed food to some humble people well off the beaten track.

Here we go

The rest of the vounteer group, who I will introduce to you later, some of the older kids from the orphanage, Phillip and myself headed up into the mountain farmland to bring some relief in the form of food.
Here Phillip, with the rice bag on his head, talks with a poor family we are getting ready to bless with some food. He is trying to build friendships with the locals
  These little boys were carrying water from the river far below their "house"
 At first glance it appears that the land is rich and lush....easy to grow food but that is not the case. This mountain is rock. It is a gravel pit that supports some of the hardy weeds but everything else is very very difficult to grow. The soil simply does not hold water.
 Some of the family groups start to gather....food is a very popular thing in a land of scarcity.   
EJ and Marcos dividing up some treats to pass out to the kids who gathered
Here "Big Man" from Bermuda, as the children called him, and John Robert from Eden Garden cool down after the hike up and down the mountain
  Here Kate from Trinidad poses with Balingia (for a different camera) This truck load of kids helped carry all the rice up the mountain to pass out to the impoverished families. What a great opportunity for them to learn the "Joy of Service"

 The simple food that these kids receive every day is tasty but limited in variety.....we would be bored in a matter of a few meals but these kids are grateful every day. People outside the walls of this facility are dying for lack of food.
Meal time at the orphanage is quiet and orderly. The older kids assist with the little ones
Balingea was a child slave in Port-au-Prince before being rescued and brought to Eden Garden.
Jean Lea is blind since birth...if you didn't know that you may not realize he is blind...this kid gets around like a champ....Here he is washing his dishes after dinner.

Sarah checking me out while I eat my dinner...

Yolnica was one of my constant buddies
Here is the "Court House" in the little town of Montrouis, a couple miles from the Orphanage  
   This is EJ, One of the volunteers from Bermuda. He was the "kid magnet" the babies absolutely loved him....this was EJ'a second trip to Eden Garden Orphanage.

Guiness is trying on her new shoes for school. The funds for the purchase of this trips school supplies,  uniforms, food, cooking gas, construction materials and fuel for the generator were raised by Phillip Rego from the generous people in Bermuda.
Here is Anthony, a Volunteer from Trinidad/Bermuda with Taena. The children were drawn to his gentle spirit.  

This is Woodlin.....what else can I say?
   This is  a market in one of the local cities. We went to purchase rice and other supplies.
Izmaylan had a miracle healing as the church people of Haiti prayed over her after the ingestion of Clorox....The doctors gave up but God prevailed
Donny, in the center, lost both his parents to death and was taken in by an artist then eventually found himself at Eden Garden. He is one of the spiritual leaders on campus
My dad always told me to make friends with the cooks.......
   These two are taking their afternoon naps....