I would just like to take this moment to thank you for your financial support of People of Peru Project. Every day I look around and see the evidence of God blessing the support of donors like you. Children eat breakfast and have uniforms so they can go to school; old people and poor mothers receive life altering medical attention and children learn new ways of life.
Just this week a humble self-supporting Peruvian missionary family came 24 hours up river because their fifteen-year-old son got an infection that ultimately ruptured his ear drum. By the time he reached Iquitos he was in serious condition. Blood and puss were oozing from his ear, his fever was high and after the expenses of traveling to the city, they had virtually no money.
I am happy to say that POPP was able to, not only supply the medicine he needed, we were also able to send a complete "Felt" set for their use in telling bible stories to the jungle children they are trying to reach.
Here is a picture of David, Jans, Juana and Tatiana
It is no secret that the little girls in this culture are the ones that captured my heart. It was special to be able to go to our supply of children's clothing and find some nearly new outfits for the little girl in the family, who's best was stained, thread barren and tattered.
This family has a passion for the poor villagers on the Maranon River and have dedicated their time and talents to improving the quality of life for those in their sphere of influence as well as introducing a Spiritual hope that will live into eternity.
We didn't know this family before they arrived on our doorstep but the support you have given just keeps reaching further and further into the remote regions of the jungle. The seeds you are sowing are bearing fruit way beyond our reach. This is simply one example of hundreds......People helping people who are helping people.....God bless you for your interest in our work. He has blessed us abundantly and we are honored to continue in service for Him.
Live to serve, serve to live,
Paul Opp
People of Peru Project