Ruth at the grave of her baby girl for the first time

The girls in the crisis center are so happy to be in their new rooms. We now have thirteen girls, 6 babies and one on the way. One of our girls was able to return to her home after six months with resolution of her family problems but two more have taken her place. One of them is Ruth.

    Ruth is thirteen-years-old and is recovering from a C section from the still birth of her 7 month baby. She is so sweet and gentle. Not at all like the circumstances that led up to this tragic event. She is incredibly needy and clings to the staff and volunteers when we are visiting. It looks as though we will have her long term. My hope is that the tranquility of

POPPYS house (People of Peru Project Youth Services) will help to restore peace in her traumatized young life.


Our other new girl is Isabel. She is also 13 and is currently seven months pregnant.

Isabel when she came to us at 7 months. Here baby girl will be born mid December
The court brought her to us with very few details. We will find out more as the investigation continues.  I have watched her respond to the gentleness of the staff and genuine affection or the other girls. She laughs when I bend down and talk to the unborn baby. I told her it is never too early to start the English classes. Perhaps this is the first time since her belly began to show that people haven’t taken the second glance or made rude comments since her childish appearance shows clearly that she should be playing with friends and enjoying school not preparing for motherhood.

We are currently planning a baby shower, picking names (it's a girl) and treating each day of preparation as normal as possible. Nobody asked for these circumstances but thank God and all of you that we were here when these girls needed us most.