Random tid bits from here and there for the month of January

Big Stories We will post under their own title in "Latest News"



Interim Director Jessica lookin for

love in all the wrong places  ;-)

Breanna has tamed the beast!

Mama Aurelia with Vivian at the zoo

An afternoon out of the kitchen does

a body good!

I encountered this ferocious child eating

jaguar on a jungle trail but over powered it

bare handed.....

OK, I stuck my camera lens through the

fence, snapped the picture and ran like a

little girl.


Olga, back to work after her broken

arm and surgery. She is doing well

but needs to continue STRETCHING it


Olga, and daughter Sara, watch the dolphins at

the zoo.

Elvira and Milagra.....checking out the

monkey island and dolphins.


....but she looks soooo sweet!

Oh yes, These girls drive the motofugo AND

the truck!

Vivian says, "Hey, I can stand up too, and

finally with someone my own size."

(on the left is Camila, our new baby girl)


Looking good Mary

The snake never had a chance once they

double teamed him!

Everyone takes their turn in the kitchen

(well, infants excluded)

I am hoping this was food delivery day!

The cold storage cupboards are looking kind

of bare.

Ermalinda during the daily chore time.