Jungle Rescue

When the Bronco is in the Ditch

A couple weeks ago a friend and missionary Adam, from another organization,called to see if we had a tow strap and a few extra hours. While he and his son Johnand a few young pastors in training were doing some business in the jungle, they had achoice to make.

"Do we try to cross an old, rickety, bridge, with the edges of our tires hanging off the rotten logs OR go around the bridge through a seemingly harmless ALMOST dry creek bed?" The pictures below will show you the outcome of that decision.

Adam and his wife Jen, are doing an amazing, work as they desciple young men and women from the remote jungles of Brazil and surrounding areas. These young people then return to their villages and teach the life changing, spiritual truths they have learned, while speaking in their own tribal dialects.

 Wow....Now that was some serious digging!