Congratulations DR. Eusebio Neira

Attorney at Law

People of Peru Projects latest University Graduate


Every non profit organization in existence should have the privilege of seeing the fruits of their labor, in the same way that People of Peru Project has, in the achievement of Eusebio Neira. By doing so, more founders, directors and supporters would feel that their sacrifice was justified.

What a privilege for People of Peru Project to support a scholar who already knew and taught the local laws, championed the rights of poor people and spent countless hours guiding our organization through the pitfalls of this less than honest legal system. Here is a man who was giving back to his community long before he received the support of People of Peru Project.

Thank you, Doris and LaVern Opp, for the financial support that covered the long years of university tuition and Virginia Estrada for providing the living stipend that supported Eusebio, his wife Sheila and three sons. Over the years there have been other volunteers who have seen the quality of character that this man possesses, and has instilled in his family. Thank you Dr. Carol Allen and Professor Debra Swain for the support and encouragement you have been to Sheila and Eusebio as they struggled for an education and better future for their family and community.

For those of you who have yet to meet an honest lawyer.....Let me introduce you to Dr. Eusebio Neira, Attorney at law.


Shaking hands with the faculty of the Law School

Big degree....big diploma.  (I think mine fit in my wallet


Virginia and Neira. "Mother" and son celebrating a joyous day.

Neira, his wife Sheila and POPP's founder Paul Opp 

University classmate, Leovina Perez, who finishes Child Psychology next year

Family and friends gathering after the celebration.

(Three sons in front, wife far left)