Our clinic has been destroyed

It was the little building with the big heart, on a country road,

that served hundreds of dental patients, thousands of sick people and served as a temporary

surgery center for over 100 procedures.

Now it is the way we found it 8 years ago. The airport runway will expand and the rest of the building will be demolished.

                                                    It has served us well


We can buy the 8,000 sq. ft building next door to our headquarter complex. NOW is the time. .

Here are some pros for owning this building and cons of not being the owner of the building next door

  1. Massive amounts of space...we would never have to buy land again. The building is 7,534 sq. ft. And has ample height in the
      interior for two floors. The lot is close to 15,000 square feet.

  2.  ​It is connected to our property, thus eliminating the need for an additional full time salaried night watchman. 

  3.  Easy monitoring of patients who need an extra day or two recovery after a surgery, without having medical personnel off site.

  4.  ​Ample space for physician housing, making it easy for a quick nap between back to back surgeries, without leaving the premises. ​

  5.  Ample space for a public venue off the main road, that passes through Iquitos. Adult and children's meetings, health education, 
       weddings, funerals and quinceaneras. All of which we do, to be a part of the community and culture.

 Here is the con of not owning this property: 

 The new neighbor can easily destroy the​ atmosphere of our entire headquarter facility. We suffered for three years with the noise, humidity and
 powdered milk dust from the previous industry in that building. A venue this large could easily be industrial and we have already heard rumor of a
 night club or bar venue. This would be disastrous. 

 Bottom Line

 The first asking price of the building is $350,000 but we have negotiated it down to $300,000, and that is without money in hand. My sense is that the
 price will even be lower but we have to be closer to the mark before the serious negotiation starts.

Our dormitory/kitchen/dining hall building for comparison sake was in the $160,000 range with a US builder supervising the construction and this potential purchase is 4 times as large.

I am enthusiastic about owning the neighboring building for sale because of our immediate need to relocate the clinic and being able to incorporate MANY things into this space.

I am terrified, however, to not own the space since a new owner could destroy the peace and quiet of our facility
and make it impossible to continue our work of housing volunteer groups. This building shares the property line and is wall to wall with our compound.

We need prayers and wisdom as we pursue this overwhelming opportunity.

All donations for this building purchase are tax deductible. Should another party purchase this facility before sufficient funds are in hand, the pledged/donated funds will be applied
toward the future surgery center location. We DO need a location now that our clinic land is reclaimed by the airport expansion. Or the other option is that the pledging party may simply
withhold the pledged funds at their own discretion.

  We have had over 4,500 volunteers and hundreds of supporters since the beginning of People of Peru Project. 


  • 1,000 gifts of $137 we would be DONE with this campaign, 
  • 500 gifts of $274 we could start moving in, 
  • 250 gifts of $548 We would have a little more grass to cut but NO NOISY NEIGHBORS, 
  • 125 gifts of $1095 The impoverished people in our area would be that much closer to the medical, surgical and dental needs that they so desperately need.

There are thousands of impoverished people in Iquitos that are dying for a lack of life changing, lifesaving surgeries. Help us move forward and be the miracle that they are praying for. 

Contact some friends or work associates, Your local church or youth group. Pick a number that you can do and let's accomplish the impossible together.