Nicole Golonski

Health Education/disease control/translator

Nicole is a 23 year old, born and raised California girl, Mission Viejo to

be exact, and moved to Seneca Falls, upstate New York at the beginning

of high school.  

She graduated from The University of Scranton in 2012

and double majored in Biology and Philosophy and took a concentration in

Latin American Studies.  At the same time she enrolled in a Basic EMT program

and volunteered at the local Ambulance department, where she became very

interested in healthcare.  Nicole's jesuit education and time studying philosophy

really guided her decision to devote herself to a life of service.  Biology and

an EMT background steered her toward the health provider track and she will be

applying to Physician Assistant Programs (possibly dual degree in Public Health)

when she returns home to further her studies, pursue a career and devote herself

to the service of others….

Nicole loves to travel, and learn about new cultures and

customs but at the same time she values nothing more than time with her

cherished family and friends.