People of Peru Project gets a little Face-Lift

Everything in the Amazon Jungle with paint, has either just been painted or it needs painted.

There is very little middle ground here. A positive mile mark is that we have been here long enough to

actually have NEEDED to repaint some areas several times already. The courtyard and front porch of the Head Quarters building were two of those places.



Our Garage doors have had a LOT of use in the last 7years. It was time for some new paint.

The first time we did the sign it was hand painted. Now, seven years later we were welcomed to the modern world of cut vinyl lettering...WOW, amazing!

When we purchased the HQ seven years ago, we went through and painted EVERYTHING "gringo, boring, off-white." 

Now the statue of limitations has run out on me being a North American, so I can choose colors like a Peruvian  ;-)  

This would be a great example, in our court yard.

Here, David and Benji are painting our new "frog pond." All sapos welcome!