Olga...down but not out!

Read the amazing story "Olga and Sarah find a home" and see how they came to People of Peru Project. Then read "Sarah" That

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These are some short posts I put on facebook regarding Olga's motorcycle accident. I will catch you up a bit by posting them here.


We need your prayers for Olga, one of our girls at the crisis center. She was learning to ride a borrowed motorcycle for future transportation to the University and she had an untimely meeting with the ditch. She is waiting surgery today for a dislocated AND broken arm. (screws and plates) At the present time our me dical-care fund is quite low we could use some help for this and the me medical needs that show up at our door almost daily. Here is the link to the amazing story of how Olga and her daughter Sarah came to our facility. Some of you were a part of this and didn't even realize it.....

Olga had her surgery on Friday and apparently all went well. I talked with her today and she is pretty serious about the whole situation...the only thing she really said was, "No more motorcycles." lol she will have to "get back on the horse" so to speak as this will be her lifelong transportation. I will try to get a picture of her tomorrow (cast and all) and post it. Don't expect any smiles!

They latest is that Olga is back at POPPYS house recovering. She is in a bit of pain but her spirits are good. She is frustrated because she can't work and it is her right arm so EVERYTHING is difficult.

The surgery went well at the Ana Stahl Hospital. We had taken her originally to the Iquitos (public) hospital where they determined she needed pins,  and screws but said to come back in four days for the surgery. Hence, we took her to the Ana Stahl where the service was fast and efficient. The surgeon did NOT put in screws or plates but instead made a small incision and removed the bone chip that was "floating."

We will keep you updated. Thank you for your prayers. For those that know Olga, you know how special she is. Her daughter Sarah, was a bit upset with all the drama. You can see the teary eyed look at the hospital and an exhausted child after the last visitation.