Cleaning House

I have been in the US since the first of August. Six weeks is the most I have been away from the project since we started caring for our daughters, Martha and Candy. This year was suppose to be the same and that would have taken me back Tuesday the 14th. As the time came closer we saw that there was simply to much not finished. I won't take the time now but after returning to Peru October 5, I will do some catch-up-writing and include the latest news from Iquitos as well as what's happend state side.

In the process of cleaning out the garage I found on box of "Amazon Jungle Survivor" T-shirts. We thought they were gone after the last printing but one box was well hidden under a tool box and some shop towels.

I had MANY requests for these T-shirts this last season and if you are one of those persons who requested. Please, drop me an email at  and I will sell them on a first come first serve basis. We have some adult small, large and extra large and youth medium and large. The shirts are $13 and that includes shipping (in the Continental US)

I don't really need to include a picture because IF you were an Amazon Jungle Survivor than you likely saw lots of staff wearing this snappy, light grey T with the slogan on the front and Service logo on the back.  Order today before its gone. You can make your payment on Paypal if you chose but confirm with me first to make sure they aren't gone and to leave your shipping address.

Thanks friends.....Live to serve, serve to live,