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Peruvian University of Science

  "Family life" Fair in Union


This group of advanced psychology students did and amazing family life health fair in Union,a small farming community close to POPPYS house, our facility for girls.

This half day presentation was a mixture of games and self esteem boosting for the children, and specific instructional classes for the parents given

very professionally by the students, utilizing power point presentations.


Topics presented included the social economic ramifications of "many children", signs and prevention

of child abuse, legal ramifications of abandonment of a family, the issues surrounding abortion as an alternative to contraception and moral ethical

responsibilities to children.There was a fluoride treatment for all the children's teeth and Parasite medicine available to those in need.

The support team included POPP's Nurse, and a local obstetrician.


The discussion about different, available, affordable birth controls was of keen interest and the review of some

of the cultural wives tales were humorous though, many in the crowd believed them! ( explaining the large number of children surrounding them.)


The day was finished with juice and sandwiches provided by the students along with a dance competition for the little kids and a drawing for two gift food baskets.

The music and decorations added to the festive feeling but the bottom line is that the whole community came, listened and learned.

The general consensus as people were leaving was that it was a morning well spent.









Flouride treatments for all the children