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Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to look at this page and see the needs that we have.  There are countless children in the city of Iquitos that have huge potential and they need your help.

The level of sponsorship that is needed will vary from child to child. We do more than feed a hot meal three times a day. We have children that are simply in public schools and need books uniforms and pencils, children that are on food supplement programs due to poverty, children in our center for abandon and abused girls and young people in the local university pursuing their education. If any of these young people intrigue you...please help us, be able to help them.

We will have all our students and dependent children posted by the end of January. Please continue to watch this page. In some cases your sponsorship will be enough to meet the needs of a chosen child. In other cases the combined support of several of you will make it possible for a young persons future to unfold.


Thank you Nora for sponsoring Edweige! She turned15 in August.  She is in her fifth year of Christian school, and is really growing into a fine young women. She is a blessing to her family and makes us proud. What a great kid and a wonderful investment.

Nora, the tuition you pay and the meals that you provide have changed the life of this little girl......She is making us all proud. Thank you so much!





 We need a sponsor for Edith. She wants to be a doctor and is studying very hard! Edith is one of the most thoughtful children I know in Iquitos. She never misses an opportunity to say, "Thank you." We have been assisting Edith for several years and now we need another sponsor to continue this support.

Edith has a little sister that will melt your heart, a mother with many health problems and a life without a father. She received her much needed surgery during school vacation last year and now the pain is gone and she can resume a normal life.

If you needed to help a child who is already brightening up her world this is the one.

 Edith's Gift to Paul

Edith's surgery





Judy, thank you so much for sponsoring Ariana!  She is one of the happiest little girls and is so excited to be in school!  Thank you!

Her mom is so appreciative. She does the best she can but life has been difficult for her and her children. She has obstacles that she will never overcome. Your support has literally changed the life and shaped the future of a little girl who would not go to school other wise.










You can be proud to sponsor this girl.

Thank you Mrs. Spady for giving  Madeley a great start. She is doing well on her degree in Business Tourism. 

Madeley is a natural leader, involved in her church activities, cheerful all the time and a joy to have around. Her English is getting quite good and I know that she will be successful. Please, help Madely stay in school this year.




Elvira and her son Angel


Elvira is currently in medical school. We can't wait to call her "doctor."  Thank you Clay Breakie for helping her accomplish her dreams.  Dorthy your support has been a blessing this last year. Thanks so much.



 To check out this Elvira related story link Click here!








 Thank you Doris, LaVern and Virginia!   Neira is our law student and already helps the  Organization a tremendous amount. His knowledge of local law and his degree, to top it off will be an investment that will ultimately bless thousands...

Neira will finish his degree in December of 2008. This last four years has flown by and the help he has given us has been a God-send.











 Thank you Sandi Opp for sponsoring Benjamin.  He is learning and practicing his English every day! This is one nice kid and I know he will be a blessing to many.









Thank you so much to the sponsors of Leovina. This special girl was the first young person in Iquitos that Paul and Sandi supported in school.
A great deal has changed since the age of 13.

Leovina is now 22 years old, in her fifth year of Child Psychology, is bilingual, works as a translator and assistant to Mr. Opp and looks forward to her masters program. She has a tender heart for people who are hurting, and is already an important part of this organization.


This is Diana. One of our volunteers sent her to our office to ask for help. She scored the 3rd highest entrance exam in the National University where the tuition is "free" but after a few weeks of school Diana discovered that she had no money for books, transportation, internet time or study group projects.

Diana's mom is a seamstress and works a second job cleaning houses when her own business is slow. They live in a tidy, dirt floor home where Diana has been since birth. She has never known a father but even through the struggles of poverty she set her goals high and believed that God would provide.

I asked her a few months ago if she needed glasses and she said she did. I asked her how many years she had needed them and she said ever since she was a little girl. They had a free exam done years ago but with no money to purchase glasses Diana squinted and suffered her way into the number three academic position in the National Medical School. 

Thank you Sarah for seeing the incredible potential of this humble girl. She is a rare find and is already planning how she will serve poor people with the medical degree she will obtain.