People of Peru Project Surgical Center has a home!


pictured above is the property and sign announcing our intentions. In the back ground you can see an existing shell of a building that we will utilize for support services.

This was an amazing day for the People of Peru Project. Our long term goal has been to build a surgery center where visiting long and short-term medical teams will come to do what they do best. The community of San Juan has deeded us this 5 acre property approximately five minutes from our Headquarters facility, and we are excited to start the development of this project.

There are thousands of individuals in this city who will not receive life saving surgeries this year because the government hospitals are under funded and the private hospitals are too expensive. Our passion is to serve those who can not help themselves. We need your support and expertise in the development of this project. If you are interested in being involved please contact us at

This facility will house two operating rooms, pre-op and recovery area, dental facilities, physical therapy and an administrative area.  Lives will change as a result of this place. Miracles will happen as humble people receive world-class health care. Our mission to change one life at a time will be lived out daily.