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(Priscilla, Princess, Bianca)

Don't Mess With the Texas Trio

     We are ecstatic to inform you all, that POPPYS (People of Peru Project Youth Services) house has three new volunteers. These three young lovely ladies have blessed us with their presence all the way from Harilngen, Texas. While in Texas this past June I had the privilege of speaking with them about mission opportunities, and here they are! Bianca Zambrano who is 19 years old is taking a break from college to come and volunteer with People of Peru Project. She is a sophomore in college and has yet to decide what she wants to major in. Bianca is a sweet, vibrant, energetic young lady. She along with Priscilla Maldonado will be starting a childcare educational program. We have four little ones at POPPYS house that will greatly benefit from their program. Bianca's had extensive experience in childcare from Vacation Bible School to Mission trips, including babysitting my adorable nephew Kai. She has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. It has not taken long for our four munchkins to warm up to her. Bianca is bilingual and will also be helping teach the children English.

Priscilla Maldonado with be working with Bianca in the childcare educational program. Priscilla is 24 years old and a junior in college studying elementary education. Priscilla has also had a great number of experiences with childcare. She is active in her church Pathfinder club and has been in charge of Vacation Bible School. This being her first mission opportunity she is very excited to be here with us. Priscilla is bilingual and has a passion for children. She is affectionate, sympathetic, and very patient. We know these two young ladies will do an amazing job with our kids at POPPYS house.

Princess Zambrano (Bianca's sister) is the third of the young ladies here with us. Princess is 21 years old and is majoring in special education, a very hard and needed profession in our world today. Princess's smile and energy is very contagious, she is wonderful asset to our home. Princess's role at POPPYS house is to be the teacher/tutor for our primary girls. She will be attending school with them every morning from 7am-12:30pm. Our young ones have adapted to her presence at school and are excited to have someone there with them. Princess was also blessed with an immeasurable amount of patience. She has been involved in summer camp ministries, mission trips, and also babysitting. Princess has a natural touch with kids and her energy is magnetic.

The Texan Trio will give POPPYS house a time to expand in our program with the children. Bianca and Priscilla tutoring and teaching the young ones will prepare them scholastically as well as broaden their minds. Princess will be an enormous help with our primary girls. These three have made the sacrifice to place their personal lives on hold and answer Gods calling. I know God will bless them greatly for all they are doing and will do in His work. We are very fortunate to have these young ladies for seven months join us out here at POPPYS house. God asks us to give the best to Him. This is exactly what these three have done; they are giving of their youth. How about you? Interested in taking that leap?