The Little Kids Start some "Extra school time"

 Sarai sat up from her nap grumpy and crying.

Angel was already up to no good, darting around the house.


Kevin had been bawling because he didn’t want to leave his mother’s side.

  Marcos being the star student of the day sat with a smile and dimples showing. 

This is how our first day began.  Today we started the new children’s program out at POPPYS house. 


It consists of preparing them scholastically, conduct modification, respect and obedience. To be honest, our first day was chaotic. It was a battle, and frustrating for the children as well as ourselves.   The “silla” (time-out chair) had to be used within the first thirty minutes of our class period.  How were we going to make these children smile and cooperate with us if they were all taking turns in the time-out chair?  This form of discipline is highly effective, the kids loath sitting in the seat of contemplation.

 We were stressed and the seven months that lay ahead seemed eternal.  Our first step was evaluating each child to see what level of development they were. There is a huge need to teach these children and that is why we are here. We want to see these young ones excel. 

Sarai, Angel and Kevin are already in kindergarten.  Evaluating them, we noticed they had areas that need improvement.  They are a vivacious bunch and full of life, ready to learn. Our goal is to not only teach them the essentials before entering school but also teach them English. 

We know that our patience will constantly be tested. With our love of children, we want to strengthen their weak areas, and more than anything make learning a fun experience.  We know this work is going to be a huge challenge for us. With God’s help we will make it through, and we are excited to be part of these kids lives.