Three Months Later


            After being here for three months now, the kids have gotten used to the program and to us. The first month was crazy. The kids would have a lot of trouble doing their “practica” and would cry when leaving their mothers. Priscilla and I thought it would take forever for them to learn their ABC’s and how to write them. We were very discouraged.

            The class consists of repeating their ABC’s, numbers, and colors. After each of them have finished repeating everything, they have a practice sheet. The practice sheet consists of them tracing their name and then writing it out themselves. This is usually where they have the most trouble. After writing their names out, they trace the numbers of the day and write them out.

            Sarai is usually the first one to finish. We are going to start reading with her soon , so that when she starts school again in March, she will be a little ahead in school. Angel has made the most improvement. When the program first started, he could not observe what I would ask him to draw for me. Maybe it was from lack of trying. I would ask him to draw a circle and he would draw an X. Now he writes his name by himself and goes through the whole practice sheet smoothly. And he is very happy to know he can do it without help. He was also the first one to memorize all his colors. Zuleica was the one we had the most trouble with in the beginning. She would rather be put on the chair than do her practice. But now she is doing great. She still has a little bit of trouble, but she is improving. Valesca has learned how to write her name and has very nice handwriting. Marcos is a very bright kid. He knows his numbers and most of the alphabet. He is very independent. He does not like help. He always says, “Yo solo.” That means, “Me by myself.” He is only having a little trouble learning the colors. Kevin (our special needs student) is learning how to be more obedient. He now obeys when you ask him to go sit down and gets very happy when it is singing time. All the kids have learned how to obey and that learning is important. They usually come to our window and ask if there will be practice that day and at what time.

            Recently, we have started the English program with the kids. So far they are doing good. They love singing the ABC’s. They are also learning the numbers and colors and one verse a week. So by May they should know all of this information and hopefully be able to talk some English also.