Valezca and Zuleica Double the Blessing

(pronounced Valeska and Sue-lay-ca)

Please,  welcome 4-year- old Valesca and her twin sister Zuleica With your prayers and support. Their mom is a drug addict and their father, who was raised in the Iquitos orphanage himself, has drowned in desperation. He has no job and five children to support. He cried as he told me he couldn’t bear his children’s suffering any longer. When I talked to Valesca about living with me…she looked into my eyes and became a little shy when she asked, “Will there be bread in your house?” I can’t tell you how good it felt to kiss her cheeks and with full confidence say, “Yes, my love, there will always be bread in my house.”



As you can imagine the girls were timid when two strangers came into their home and talked with the family about the difficulties they had experienced. It only took about 15 minutes, however, for the warming up process to begin. When I called Lisa to make arrangements for the first visit to POPPYS house, the girls were eager to talk on the cell phone.


The fourteen-year-old sister told me "Sometimes when I am  trying to prepare food and there isn't anything for my sisters to eat, I cry, then the little ones try to comfort me."

"I will miss them so much but whatever is best for them, that is what I want to do I can't see them suffer any more."


Taking the family to eat at a local restaurant seemed like a good way to help the girls relax and feel comfortable with the idea of strangers providing for them.

So, off we went!

It was evident that this family had never been to a family eating establishment before.

There is nothing like a good meal to bring people together and make an exhausted child's eyes heavy.




                                                         The girls were fascinated by the ice cream machine even though it had only water bottles belonging to the group

The next step was to bring the girls to the office. Valesca had asked me the night before if I had a doll for her.

I told her that when she came to the house she could choose any one that she wanted.

The girls were quite pleased and since Lisa and Casey had come specifically to meet the girls they were there for the selection process.


After some doll and stuffed animal selections it was time to see POPPYS house.

The girls in our facility were excited to meet twins. The twins we just happy to ride in the truck again.

This may be one of the few shy moments we ever see


Papa Casey's swing was the deal maker


Leovina shares a  quiet moment. As our resident child

psychology major, her insights and education

are a huge blessing


The girls were trying to get the monkey

to look at the camera



Kevin  Is the charmer. He put on his best moves for our new girls.



Everyone wants a glimps of the new kid(s)


Marcos gave the girls a little demonstration

in proper hammock swinging


Today we took the girls out to POPPYS house to stay.

Below you will see Leovina, the twins older sister Ines, Kayla (who will be the room mother for these two girls) and one of the twins.

They were eating green mangos and salt


Kelly spends a little time getting to know the girls


 These little gals were pretty excited about having

real beds



Of course they never had a tile bathroom with

actual running water


After a good shower and de-licing they were clean, happy

and ready for a new adventure

 We will keep you posted on the "first day"
 Keep our team and these little ones in your prayers.

Meet the Twins       


Name:  Sulieca Alejandra Perez                                        Name: Valesca Fernanda Perez

Age: 4                                                                                   Age: 4

D.O.B. February 4, 2005                                                    D.O.B. February 4, 2005

                               POPPYS House Resident Since: November 1, 2009


Sulieca and Valesca are our newest and youngest addition to POPPYS house. Their father being the only bread winner of the family could not meet their needs and asked for support. They may be with us a short while, or a very long time. Regardless, they are a blessing in our home.  It was several weeks  ago that I rode in a motor-car to the headquarters, when the pieces of God’s puzzle began to come together.

I was on my way back to headquarters riding the usual means of transportation with a very inquisitive driver. Usually, driver and passenger exchange few words-those being the price of the transport. However, this gentleman inquired of my occupation in Peru and the organization I worked with. I explained to him our mission at POPPYS house and all the many branches the organization is now expanding towards.  The manner in how he questioned about POPPYS house and the process to receive girls made me think he was asking for his own personal reasons. I informed him of the procedures that take place when we receive girls and if he was interested he could be informed more thoroughly at headquarters.  Once we reached my destination we chatted a bit longer as he told me his neighbor’s dilemma.  He was a single father raising five children and two of those were four year old twin girls. At the time I put aside the thought of even receiving children at such a young age especially without the staff to care for the little ones. But gave him all the information he would need to send a request. However, little did I know that this man was seeking for help for his friend. 

Mr. Paul called me the last week of October to inform me of a set of twins needing a placement. My first thought was, “Wow, twins!” This would be a huge commitment. It would be a colossal challenge and change. One I knew God was placing in my life’s path for a purpose. At this time, we now have our three volunteers to help out with the childcare program. This gave me peace knowing we had the man-power to take on this task and give it our best.

 The sequence of events and the manner in which they took place reminds me how God is always laying out His plan, unbeknownst to us at times.  Had we not had the help we have now at POPPYS House the thought of bringing these two tiny girls would have been out of the question. It would not have been fair to them to not have the attention and care they would need. It is divine intervention that the Texas Trio arrived at just the right time. It was divine intervention that I hopped a ride with this particular motor-car driver and chatted.  It is definitely divine intervention that the organization has a place for these girls, each and every one of them.

 Yes, they are a handful. Adorable and huggable, the two make our days fly by all the more quickly. Their first day was spent trimming their straw dry hair, washing with lice shampoo, and starting a regimen of de-worming medication. It was apparent these little ones were anemic and malnourished from their physical assessments.  Their eyes grew large each time a meal was served to them three times a day. With the proper nutrition and medical attention their little bodies will grow big and strong. They are not yet too fond of the vegetables. That will take some time-like most kids.

Suleica (pronounced “Sue-lay-ca”) is the extrovert of the two. She is a daring little thing. I am still trying to differentiate the two, because they are identical twins. Suleica has a small scar on her forehead and sometimes I have to wipe the bangs from their heads to see who I am speaking to. She has a pair of dimples that makes you want to squeeze her little cheeks.  Suleica can be bossy with her sister at times and has also come to know the “throne of contemplation” (time-out chair), like the other children.  She spends her days running around the playhouse, playing with her fellow house mates, and learning. Suleica is very smart and an excellent tracer of letters in her classes.

Valesca is the introvert of the two. She is sweet and cuddly, just like her sister. Being an identical twin must be frustrating at times I would imagine. Valesca is constantly reminding us all which is which. It’s adorable to see her fold her arms, frown her face, and correct us when we have mistaken her for her sister. Can she blame us? While they lying down, I can differentiate the two with Valesca’s birthmark on her little foot. They are equally endearing and precious. Valesca will be my shadow at times, I even fell asleep trying to put her to sleep. When I woke up, her little body was curled around mine and I had to pry her little leg and arm from me.  She has a loveable personality.

These two little ones have a hard road ahead. They miss their father dearly. They were raised by their older sister Ines, since she was ten years old. Ines is now 14 years old, although she misses her little sisters very much, she wants what is best for them as does their father. It may be that we at POPPYS house will be a stepping stone for this family to help them get through these difficult times. While the two little ones live with us, we will give them all the love and attention we can. Their family will always be welcome to visit and we expect them to be visiting us often. We want to maintain this healthy relationship between the family.  There is much to be prayed for.

The trials the father faces as he struggles financially. Ines as she worries and misses her little sisters she has raised for so long at such a young age. For their mother who has abandoned her family for a life of drug addictions. The torn and confusing feelings the twins are going to be facing.  For the staff at POPPYS house, this is going to be one of our biggest tasks yet. 

God Bless,

Lisa Hann
People of Peru Project Youth Services house

(POPPYS house)