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IMPACT: 2023 Photography Contest
& Hospital Fundraiser


The Photo Tells the Story...

Have you volunteered with People of Peru Project before? Did you leave with lasting memories that will stick with you forever? 

We want to hear all about them...Using only the power of photography.

To assist with our fundraising goals for the Hospital in Iquitos, we are hosting a photography contest. Whether you have come down as a volunteer, photographer, videographer, we want to see your photos.

Submit the photo that you think tells the most impactful story about your time in Peru. Include your name and a description of the photo, and each month, we will vote on a winner!


All money raised goes directly to our hospital fund, and each winner will be featured on the gallery wall of the hospital.  ​

How It Works

Submit your photo
Only one submission per person is allowed. At the end of the month votes will be tallied and the winner will be picked. So, be sure to share the link with everyone you know. 
Sign up for our email list and follow us on Facebook to be notified when voting opens!

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