Board Members


The People of Peru Project is a nonprofit organization composed of a Board of Directors which was carefully selected to capture and maintain the vision of our founder. Each Board Member brings expertise, insights, skills, perspectives and life experiences that make each member an asset as they function in this capacity.

Paul Opp is the President and founder of People of Peru Project. Paul graduated from Walla Walla College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Youth Services Leadership. He served as a youth pastor and taught classes from religion to health education. He was a school administrator in a variety of educational settings, ranging from private Christian schools to the Florida, juvenile prison system. For fifteen years Paul was self- employed, owning several different businesses. From March of 2000 until December of 2003, Paul continued to operate his family business and began the foundational work of the People of Peru Project. In January of 2004, he shut the doors of the business and entered into this project on a full-time basis.

Sandra Opp is the secretary/treasurer of People of Peru Project. She has been enthusiastically “on board” since the very beginning. Sandi has a heart for people in need and is compelled to feed anyone that is hungry. She graduated from college with a degree in food service, nutrition and bakery management and has worked in the food service industry in several different educational and medical institutions. Sandi has also been employed as an office manager and bookkeeper for several businesses. She is an avid student of health education and has amassed a treasury of information that is invaluable for the people in Peru who know so little about health-related issues. Paul and Sandi have a home in Caldwell, Idaho.

Mike Breakie Vice President of the US board, from Post Falls, Idaho joined the People of Peru Project board in August of 2009. Mike has worked in various capacities in the building trades and has managed multi-million dollar projects for Commercial developers and individuals in the private sector. Mike currently owns a home security and management company for upper end homes that are listed on the Real Estate market and continues to work in the construction industry with his own company. Mike and wife Tawnya have been involved, from the heart, since their first visit to Iquitos in December of 2007. Their personal interest in some specific kids and love for suffering people, in general, make them a good fit and their involvement has been very much appreciated as board members and friends.


Tawnya Breakie has been an avid supporter and friend of People of Peru Project since her first trip to Iquitos. She has the heart of a mother and deep compassion for those who are suffering. We appreciate so much her insights and sensitivity during the tough discussions and rely on the wisdom that life’s experiences has granted her. Tawnya is the mother of 3 sons and owns and operates her own Massage Therapy business. 

Dr. Johanna White  is a general dentist who practices in Portland, Oregon, and a 1989 graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  She fell in love with both the people and the project on her first trip to Peru in 2005.  Her goal to return annually has resulted in eight trips over 10 years.  Ask her about the work People of Peru Project does in Iquitos...if you have an hour or so, to hear about it.

Dr. Dwight Winslow is a native of British Columbia Canada and grew up in the Walla Walla area and attended Walla Walla College.  He followed his passion and graduated from Loma Linda University with a degree in Medicine and is a Board Certified Internist.  In 2010 he retired from California State government where he was the Chief Executive Medical Officer for the State of California prison system. Dr. Winslow has been a friend of the Opp family since college days and is currently involved in volunteer work with religious and health care nonprofit organizations.  He makes his home with is wife in coastal northwest California.



Leovina Perez is the Executive Director of People of Peru Project-Iquitos. She has worked with People of Peru Project since its inception as a translator, group coordinator, campus director/psychologist and is now the Director of the Iquitos entity. Leovina's love for people and dedication to the organization has been a powerful combination with her degree in child psychology to fill a leadership role that requires integrity and intelligence.

Susana Siguas Arevalo is the director of our education program and teacher/tutor at POPPYS house. She also serves in the capacity of board member in Iquitos. Susana is a passionate, competent professional, who has tremendous dedication to our girls and a work ethic that set the standards high for all our staff. Susana completed her university education through People of Peru Project sponsorship and has continued with us in a professional capacity for the last 7 years.

US Office:

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US Office: 509-710-1520 

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