How much good could really be done for the struggling Souls in our area of influence if hundreds or thousands of people would willingly give the cost of a Happy Meal or the price of a drive through car wash, each month?

What we see in Iquitos every day are thousands of people desperate to survive. Some have escaped the shackles of poverty by hard work, good fortune, a lucky break or the helping hand of organizations like ours, supported by people like you.

 Unfortunately, there are multiplied thousands of people within walking distance of the People of Peru Project’s Youth Services home (POPPYS House) that have absolutely no opportunities for education, living a pain free life or knowing anything at all but hunger, weakness, disappointment and premature death.

It has been our goal since March of 2000 to bring the hope of a better life to the people of this jungle city. There are people who are alive today, children receiving educations and abandoned and abused girls who are now safe, loved and on their way to a promising future. Over 60,000 people have received free medical services all because of your support.” 

 We need your help. Your Donation is tax deductible and spent in Peru, directly on those who need it most.