Medical Clinic

Our medical and dental area is on hold until we purchase the New Building.

Many of you have asked, “What do you need?” Here is the answer to that question.

Immediate needs are as follows...

Medical and Dental equipment: We will soon have a permanent location and need everything that you would find at any other clinic/surgery center. The smaller items we can take along in trunks or suitcases. The larger pieces we will purchase in Lima to avoid shipping and getting detained in customs, or in some cases, ship to Iquitos one item at a time and deal with the issues as they come.   ;-)


Equipment/Supplies Needed

  • Dental instruments (Dentists we recomend that you bring your own composit materials that you are accustomed to working with)

  • Ultra sound

  • Band-Aids, gauze patches and tape

  • Antiseptics

  • Tooth brushes/toothpaste*

  • Portable defibrillator

  • Otoscopes

  • Cavatron ultrasonic scalers 

  • Ultra sound machine (portable)


Medicine that we need all the time

  • Ibuprofen*

  • Tylenol* 

  • Vitamines, Children, adult and prenatal*

  • Monistat

  • Cortisone creams

  • Anti-diarrhea medicine 

  • Cough medicine, liquid fever reducers for children.

  • Women's health medicines for bladder, yeast and cervical infections

  • Triple antibiotic creams, etc.

  • Eye drops for conjunctivitis (pink eye)

  • Antibiotics for untreated cuts, bug bites, open sores

  • * High priority items