This amazing group has returned for the second year to knock these projects out of the park again. The medical team started out yesterday by serving over a hundred and fifty people. Several of which had life-threatening conditions and will be assisted for emergency acute care until they are restored to health. The team doing door-to-door visitation with impoverished families had some amazing interactions and poignant moments as they listened to the stories of hardship and struggle from families born into poverty. The gift of food that these groups left behind is a major blessing to those who struggle for day to day survival. The construction team has picked up and continued the wall project around the girls facility for security and privacy. Between the mud, fire ants, stumps that were in exactly the wrong place, the heat of the day and humidity, limited tools and concrete by the bucket, this is no easy task. The progress they made on the first work day was incredible. Stay tuned as we add pictures to this album but they are only a hint of the reality when you are actually here.

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