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Kitchen Nights

This story isn’t going to be about one specific event, but rather a collection that I am going to deeply miss when I go. Some nights, after dinner, the girls clean up the kitchen and go to bed. Other nights, there’s some extra… stuff. This includes blasting the same songs over and over, dancing the macarena, marching to the Peru national anthem,  etc. I don’t know exactly how these bursts of inspiration come to be, they just do. For example, I don’t know why one night we were looking up pictures of goblins and deciding which girl looks the most like a certain goblin, it just happened. I don’t know when the girls stared up making up princess stories or counting to one-hundred in English while washing dishes, they just did. 

I love how spontaneous and natural these nights are, and if I’m being honest, it’s when I feel most connected to them. It’s when they get to be kids and I get to be their friend. It’s when they feel like my life-long family. I could never forget these nights in the kitchen. 

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Joan Sanford
Joan Sanford
19. Aug. 2023

I love to see you folks having fun! My visit to Poppy's house stays with me always.

Thank you

Gefällt mir
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