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Special Thanks

I would like to thank the hundreds of people that have contributed time, energy and money toward the project in Iquitos Peru. From the very beginning individuals "stepped up" to help meet the needs of a culture far removed from our daily lives.

I have never taken the donations large, or small, for granted. My appreciation and respect for the money was solidified early in the process when I received a note from a dear friend and Matriarch named Gen. She said, “I am sorry this ten dollar check couldn't be more, the heat bill was higher this month then expected." 

I have remembered that note many times as I have considered the ways this money should be spent. I know that there are many individuals who have given sacrificially to help meet the needs of people who have no hope.

 I would like to give a special thanks to:

Community Development Corporation for covering the cost of our administrative expenses from 2004-2007. My salary, office expense, state side travel, insurance etc. being paid by CDI allowed 100% of the donations to go straight to Peru for that period of time. That was the jump start we needed. Thank you CDI for your ongoing support. 

Little Debbie Company for the assistance in the purchase of our Headquarter Building. This became the activity hub of our organization. Feeding and housing the hundreds of volunteers is central to all we do....this is our administration center and home.

McElroy Trucking Company for their generous support of this project especially during the transition into full-time work. A heart felt thank you for your ongoing support. 

Seebers Pharmacy for trusting an Eastern Washington logger to deliver medicine to the Amazon Jungle.

Spokane Costco for their generous contributions of parasite medicine.

Pacific Press For the purchase of our foster care facility. This location has already blessed many people and the housing project has only just begun. Thank you also for the Spanish Publications you have contributed over the years.

Color Press for the help you gave in the layout and design work of our printed material. 

Inter Mountain Bank for the community recognition and financial assistance.

3 Angels Broadcasting Network for the opportunity to tell our story all around the world.

ASI National for their generous support. Their grant allowed us to finish the renovation of our dental area and guest housing. The Northwest ASI local chapter has given us a grant to start construction of our crisis center for abandon and abused girls. 

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