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That Girl is at it again!

An Angel Named Damaras

Damaras was identifying families in need of our water purification system and it brought her to this little family.

The man on the bed fell out of an aguaje tree 5 years ago while working on their small farm in the jungle. He suffered a lower spinal cord injury and has been paralyzed from the waist down ever since. Again, because we are in the communities for the water filtration program, overwhelming needs present themselves.

Today, Damaras brought this kind man a mattress, so he doesn't have to sleep on wooden planks anymore. The food bag for the family was so appreciated.

Yet another humble family who is now on our radar. If you would like to sponsor a:

  • Water filter

  • Education about the benefits of drinking clean water.

  • Minimum of 3 follow-up visits

  • Putting an impoverished family on our radar

You will change the life of an entire family for only $50. How many families would you like to bless today?

Hit the button below and send an Angel

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1 commentaire

Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith
24 janv. 2022

Damaras is a sweet angel!!

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