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The annual motorcycle tour

Cusco....Machu Picchu...Lake Titicaca...Colca Canyon... All to support People of Peru Project!!

That's right! The annual motorcycle benefit ride is back!

Group of volunteers in front of a motorcycle

Ten days of stunning scenery, exploring the Andes mountains, and an experience of Peru beyond anything you've ever experienced!

Not to mention, for every rider, People of Peru Project sponsors an impoverished student for a full year of school. Volunteering for a good cause & getting the trip of a lifetime, sure sounds like a great way to raise some money for the kids of Iquitos!

We start in Cusco, taking in the grandeur of the Andes Mountain Range. Snow-capped mountains and primitive villages will be the mainstay as you experience Peru in a way that goes beyond the ordinary.

If you prefer the paved roads...there are plenty of them, connecting every major city and points of interest. If secondary roads and backcountry are what you want, you will be in the middle of it all.

We have TWO Motorcycle Benefit Rides this year!


  • Motorcycle, Honda CB 500's Dual Sports, or the Honda XRE 300 dual sports.

  • Helmet, goggles/shield, Though I can't imagine not bringing your own...

  • Heated gear is not required but I highly suggest at least heated gloves for the high passes. We will talk about these things well in advance of the trip.

  • Basic spare parts and tools for normal roadside adjustments or tire repairs.

  • Tour guide, tickets to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and Colca Canyon, and all non-motorcycle transportation associated with the tour, after arriving in Cusco, for example, buses and trains for Machu Picchu, airport pickup, etc.

  • Breakfast in the hotels every day.

  • Hotels based on two-person occupancy

  • Transfer to and from the airport in Cusco

Not included:
  • Airfare, Lunch, and dinner. We snack for lunch on the road and enjoy the local restaurants in the evening. Food is not expensive.

  • Gasoline. We fill up and I pay as a group during the ride for efficiency and then split the cost equally among the participants at the end of the ride. Around $100 ish.

  • You will need to bring a dry bag/backpack, saddle bags, or some sort of soft bag, and perhaps a tank bag depending on what else you use for gear. We will discuss that well in advance of the ride. The bikes have back racks but that is all. I have been using a soft bag system I got from Marketplace about 8 years ago, along with a tail bag and a small magnetic tank bag.

Man smiling in front of Andes glacier by motorcycle

If you're interested:

Email: or click the dates above!

There will be a ten-rider limit for this tour and a minimum of 4.

A $250 deposit will hold your place and will be refunded IF for some reason the trip is canceled on OUR end.

Learn all about past events at

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