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To the Movies

One of my favorite things to do with the girls is watch movies. I promise I’m not rotting their brains, please hear me out. The girls are only allowed to watch shows/movies one weekend afternoon, so when the proper time presents itself, the girls are utterly thrilled. I say the word “pelicula” (movie), and the girls are screaming and running to our movie-watching room. Then they grab a chair and practically pile on top of each other to get the best view. This happens every week without fail.

Besides their intense excitement, I think my favorite part about this movie time is how much of a group experience it is. As I writing this, Poppys House is taking care of nineteen girls, so you can imagine it is hard to keep all of their attention focused on one topic. But in these magical moments, that problem seems to fade away. In fact, someone asked me recently after the girls had finished watching a movie if I have used that rare phenomen to my advantage by taking a nap. But the truth is that didn’t cross my mind. As I said, watching movies for us is a group experience that even I don’t want to miss out on. We laugh at the simple jokes together, we give knowing side-eyes during the cheesy romantic scenes, and we critique the film afterwards with our abundant expertise.

Maybe this story wasn’t the most exciting for you readers, but I felt I should write it down because I don’t want to forget the joy these girls give me just by watching a movie. It’s something so simple and yet it never gets old for them. I love a good nap, but I will choose crowding together with my girls to get a view of the tiny screen every time.

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