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Fishing Day

When you live within walking distance of tributaries to the Amazon River, naturally you are going to go fishing. In fact, many of the girls living at Poppys House were raised in families in which fishing was a necessity. As you can guess, they are a lot more skilled at it than I am. They cast their line (literally just a fishing wire attached to a carved stick. The bait is worms we had dug up earlier that day), and wait. But unlike what I was expecting, they don’t have to wait for long. Within five minutes a fish will be pulled up to land, and it’s not starter’s luck. However, you have to be careful of what type of fish you pull up, because a few have scales that sting. You know, the usual. 

Considering the fact that we have nineteen kids ranging from three to fourteen years old on our expedition, boredom is a factor. The solution: A canoe. What’s the solution when it’s raining, the canoe is consistently tipping over, and the fish are being scared away? Still, a canoe. Where’s the fun if you’re not dragging a sinking canoe to shore in the pouring rain? Sure, a fishing day sounds peaceful and relaxing, but we can’t forget a bit of chaos too.

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